What are the objectives of the Association?

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IIA's objectives are: 

  1. to promote and facilitate the growth, technical development and efficient functioning of the Internet in Australia as an open system. 
  2. to raise consumer and small business confidence in using the Internet, particularly for purposes of e-commerce, and to initiate and support progams to realise that goal.
  3. to promote diversity and connectivity on the Internet by all reasonable means including but not limited to: 
  • encouraging many and diverse independent Internet providers, resellers and users in Australia;
  • promotion of open architecture network and packet protocols that are independent of hardware and operating systems;
  • working to ensure that all government agencies distribute public information equally to all Providers in a single open architecture file format independent of hardware and operating systems;
  • promoting orderly and co-ordinated interconnectivity for open architecture TCP/IP networks that fully comply with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet Architecture Board (IAB) standards and any RFC specifications which they adopt
  • opposing monopoly control of Internet content, and;
  • opposing discriminatory tariff pricing of telecommunication services. 
  • to promote use of strong and diverse encryption algorithms on the Internet; 
  • to promote laws which facilitate unrestricted and open use of the Internet;
  • sponsor and co-ordinate the creation of independent organisations to service and regulate the Internet; 
  • to educate the public regarding the Internet and promote the Internet to the community; 
  • to foster, promote, assist and conduct research into Internet and associated technologies; 
  • to develop and promote basic technical and business practice standards for Members; 
  • to establish and maintain relations with bodies having similar objects elsewhere in Australia or overseas; 
  • to take steps including private meetings, public meetings, representations to Parliament and other bodies as may be deemed expedient to promote any of the objects of IIA 
  • to raise money to further the aims of IIA and to secure sufficient funds for the purposes of IIA;
  • to do all things incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of IIA.
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