Explanatory Notes

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Explanatory Notes
Subsequent to the passage of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 ("the Act") in July 2001, the Australian Broadcasting Authority wrote to the IIA seeking our views on the feasibility of preparing an industry code of practice as permitted under the Act. While we were opposed to some aspects of the legislation, the fact that it is now law has created regulatory challenges for our members. On consideration of the possible sanctions that might lie against some IIA members, and a contingent requirement to restrict access to offshore hosted sites in the absence of an industry code, the IIA Board resolved in September2001 that such a code should be prepared.

A Code was drafted and, following the mandatory 30-day consultation period, was formally registrated by the ABA on 13 December 2001. Registration means that the Code is now a co-regulatory instrument under law, along with the IIA's three Content Codes of Practice.

While the Interactive Gambling Code has been developed to provide safe harbour for IIA members, the ABA will have the power to direct any industry player to comply. (IIA members will receive an online guide to lower the cost of compliance.)

The Code has been designed so that members who are already compliant with our Content Codes of Practice will be automatically covered under the new Online Gambling Code. Members who wish to find out more about the possible effect of the law and the intended Code on their operations should contact the chief executive in the first instance (email: peterc@iia.net.au).

Peter Coroneos
Chief Executive
Internet Industry Association (IIA)
Phone: +61 2 6232 6900
(for TTY callers, please call 133 677
and ask for 6232 6900)


The IIA welcomes comments on any of the industry codes.
Please email codes@iia.net.au with your comments or queries.

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