icode Review Forum 14 June

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Thursday, 31 May, 2012 - 19:14
icode Review Forum 14 June

The IIA icode Review Forum was held in Sydney June 14th 2012. Representatives from the DBCDE, ACMA, TIO, ISOC AU, AFP and the Banking sector joined IIA member representatives from ISP's and cyber security products and services organisations to discuss icode.

The icode is a voluntary industry code that is used by service providers to help fight cybercrime through protective systems and cooperation on reporting and disclosure. The review is aimed at ensuring the icode continues as an effective voluntary code, embraced by ISP’s and meets current Internet safety challenges. The forum received considerable press coverage reflecting the high level of interest icode generates in Australia and Internationally.

The key message from the forum was the affirmation of the icode strengths, flexibility in implementation and the voluntary participation by ISP's. The IIA icode Review Taskforce will now prepare a report recommending some tweaking to the icode to cater for ongoing technological change.

Further consultation with IIA members and the wider community will be undertaken prior to the final report.

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