IIA appoints new CEO

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Sunday, 1 July, 2012 - 15:00
IIA appoints new CEO

The IIA is delighted to announce Peter Lee as its new CEO.

“Peter is well known by many in the sector and having built up over 28 years of experience in the telecommunications industry has a depth knowledge and insight that will be invaluable to our members and the organisation.”

“Peter tasks will be to execute the strategic vision and objectives of the Board as we begin the next phase of the IIA’s journey with a more contemporary focus, firmly fixed on matters relating to the Digital Economy and Productivity, eCommerce and the issues most important and relevant to our members.”

In his previous role as General Manager Strategy, Wholesale & Regulatory at TransACT Communications, Peter liaised extensively with key stakeholders and customers including regulatory authorities, industry bodies and State & Federal Governments. He has been actively engaged on a number of key legislative and industry matters authoring numerous submissions and providing input on the policy and regulatory framework for telecommunications, the delivery of online content, media convergence and the National Broadband Network.

Peter Lee - new CEO of IIA

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to lead this important organisation at a critical time for the online services in Australia. I look forward to the many challenges and opportunities presented by the continued growth, development and evolution of our industry.

“The rapid transition to the delivery of media by digital means, the accelerating expansion of online retailing, the social and policy changes associated with social media, multiple devices and cloud computing, as well as access to services not regulated in Australia each create significant challenges requiring the industry to have an active voice”

"I am determined to ensure that the IIA delivers on the vision of the IIA Board and represents the issues that are most important to our members,” said Mr Lee

For more than a decade now the IIA has provided strong, independent and impartial leadership of the Australian Internet sector, promoting and facilitating the growth, technical development and efficient functioning of the Internet in Australia as an open system.

Bruce Linn, IIA Chairman said: “We are proud to continue being Australia’s primary industry association representing a broad cross-section of members associated with the Internet Industry in this region. Given the continued growth, development and evolution of the Internet in Australia, the IIA Board recognised that a significant evolution of the organisation and was also necessary in order to remain relevant to our members and maintain our momentum.

“I am confident, that Peter will be able to provide the IIA with the guidance and leadership vital to our continued active and effective representation of the issues facing the Internet in Australia.”

The IIA mission is to lead the Internet Economy with visionary and commercially guiding principles that provide practical working parameters to safeguard and nurture responsible usage, communication and commercial advantage for all users and to ensure probity and mutually beneficial ethics across providers to the Internet, government and the transacting users. Supported by an active Board and membership, Peter will pursue this mission with enthusiasm undertaking a collaborative approach with Government and the Internet industry in Australia to achieve these objectives.

Bruce Linn IIA Chairman




Download the PDF of the media release here.


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