What the IIA does for Internet Users

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With a third of the world’s people now online and growing fast, the 21st Century will see the Internet become a vital part of everything we do.

For Australia, the promise is for a more connected country, a more productive and efficient country. Australia is well positioned to become a leading knowledge based digital economy in the 21st Century. The IIA plays an integral role by raising consumer and small business confidence in using the Internet, particularly for purposes of e-commerce, and to initiate and support programs to realise that goal.


Want to get your business or community organisation online, but don’t know where to start? Need some help with your transition to e-commerce? Or do you just want practical advice about the internet and what it means for your organisation?

The Australian Government’s Digital Business website provides information that may assist you, with simple and practical tips on what your business or community organisation could be doing online and how you can do it. 

Don’t hesitate, visit the website today!

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