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In 2002, the IIA launched the IIA Family Friendly ISP scheme. This is designed to dovetail with the Codes of Practice by providing the Family Friendly ISP and Family Friendly Filter seals to show which Australian ISP's are compliant with the IIA Codes and which filters meet the rigorous testing regime to qualify to carry the IIA Family Friendly Filter seal.

What is an IIA Family Friendly Filter?

To qualify for IIA Family Friendly Filter status, a filter must undergo independent testing to ensure that it meets the criteria set out in the IIA Codes. These criteria include an agreement by the company providing the filter to update the filter as required by the Australian Communications Media Authority.

Accredited filters

More information on the Family Friendly Filters is available here.

What does the "IIA Family Friendly ISP" seal mean?

Australian ISPs bearing this seal have agreed to comply with the IIA Codes of Practice. Under the IIA Codes, ISPs are required to provide their users with certain information, plus the option of obtaining an IIA "Family Friendly Filter" (i.e. one that is listed under the IIA Family Friendly Filters as published on this page).


The Family Friendly ISP Licence Agreement is available from


Participating ISP's

More information on Family Friendly ISP’s is available here.

To join the IIA Family Friendly Program please email us.
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