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IIA membership is open to organisations providing services on or to the Internet from a location within Australia, or engaged in an Internet related business, or directly or indirectly commercially interested in the Internet.

IIA Membership Proposal

IIA's objectives are:

  1. To promote and facilllate the growth, technical development and efficient functioning of the internet in Australia as an open system
  2. To raise consumer and small business confidence in using the Internet, particularly for purposes of e-commerce, and to initiate and support programs to realise that goal.
  3. To promote diversity and connectivity on the Internet by all reasonable means.

IIA Member Newsletter - Engage

Mar 2013 ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 2, Vol 6
Jan 2013  ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 1, Vol 6
Dec 2012  ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 8, Vol 5
Nov 2012  ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 7, vol 5
Oct 2012   ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 6, vol 5
Sept 2012 ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 5, Vol 5
Aug 2012  ENGAGE IIA Member Newsletter, Issue 4, Vol 5 

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