IIA Convergence Policy Working Group

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Final Convergence Review Report available here.

The IIA considers the current government review of Australia’s media and broadcasting regulation an opportunity to contribute to more coherent policy in areas affecting our members. The right policy outcomes will spur innovation and investment and put Australia on the right path to realising its full potential as a digital economy.

This working group, co-chaired by IIA directors Patrick Fair and Peter Leonard, has so far developed a submission to the terms of reference of the review. 

The focus has now moved to formulating a response to the government’s recent Framing Paper.

The IIA's submission in relation to the draft Terms of Reference and other submissions are available here.

The IIA Submission on Convergence Review Framing Paper is available for viewing here.

19th September 2011

The Convergence Review Committee released five detailed discussion papers today as part of the next step in their landmark review of Australian media and communications regulation.

The five discussion papers, the online form and more information about the review can be found here.

IIA submission to the Convergence review Committee was made on the 10 Feb 2012. Download Here.

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